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Stocking a 125g

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Is this a good Mbuna stock?

This will be my first time keeping African cichlids, so I'm hoping to make it the best experience possible. My plan as of right now is to get a 125g tank that is 72" long. I've done quite a bit of research and this is what is available near me and what I'm thinking will limit aggression:

1/4 - Yellow labs

1/4 - Rusties

1/4 - Cynotilapia Afras

1/5 - Pearl zebras

2/8 - Yellow tail aceis

1/7 - Mainganos

I have seen people say that mainganos can be a pain if they are the most dominant fish in the tank, which I think would be the case. How true is that? If it is, am I right to think that the higher number of females will limit the aggression?

How does this mix look overall? Also, what are the chances that I'll get any hybrids? I'd like to avoid that as much as possible. I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks in advance.
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Welcome to Cichlid-forum!

How are you cycling your tank? Allow six weeks.

I prefer 5 species in a 72" tank but your mix may work fine. Low hybrid risk. I have never heard of maingano being a problem unless they are dominant. Low hybrid risk.
Thank you!

I currently have a 36 gallon tropical community tank, so I'm planning on using media from that and adding new media and ammonia to ramp up the biological filter until it can process enough. Hopefully that will speed it up quite a bit.

That's good to hear about the mainganos and the low risk for hybrids. If I were to do 5 species instead of 6 I'd probably want to either cut the zebras or the c. afra. Would one be better than the other?
No advantage one way or the other. Afra females are drab. BTW they are not afra anymore, they are zebroides.
Okay, thanks for the info!
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