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Here's a list of what I currently have in my tank. I'm not sure what else to add. It was recommended that I add dragon blood lines last cause they can be more aggressive. I am aiming for around 30 fish.
Filters are FX5 and CF500 UV.

Aulonocra eureka red
Aulonocra ruby red
Aulonocra blue neon
Aulonocara stuartgranti mdoka flametail
Aulonocra lemon jake
lethrinops marginatus red fin
aulonocara saffron
protomelas taeniolatus
dimidiochromis strigatus sunset
Copadichromis Trewavasae Fireline Mloto
chilotilapia rhoadesii
otopharynx lithobates zimbawe rock

Thanks in advance!

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You have aggressive fish and timid fish. Also some large fish. I would stop now to allow ample space for the large guys.

The eureka, and jake are jacobfreibergi. On the aggressive side for peacocks. Plus the saffron which is a hybrid. Empress is on the aggressive side as well.

The ruby, neon, flametail, Lethrinops, lithobates and copadichromis are wimpier. You may not get good color from those.

I would not add dragon blood because you already have 2 "red" peacocks.
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