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Iam pretty new in African cichlids fishkeeping.
I set up a 60g 4 foot fish tank for 3 weeks ago.
It is now cycled and ready for some fish.

I already got inside 6 yellow labs (5f, 1m).
Iam looking forward to stock some more fish.
I would like to have a nice coloured mix in my tank.
What can you recommend me?

Would be glad to hear a couple of nice options.

Thanks in advance! :)

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It is pretty hard to cycle a tank is 3 weeks, how did you do it?

What is the other dimension? 48x18 inches or 48x12 inches?

Also I understand species variety is extremely limited in Australia...what mbuna can you get?

Here I would recommend 1m:4f of each:
Cynotilpaia zebroides Cobue
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