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Hmmmm.... these Cichlid-forum 'cookie cutter' set ups may help a bit,

- 40 gallon 'long' / 152 liter, (48x13x16 in / 122x33x41 cm) ... er_40g.php
- 20 gallon 'long' / 76 liter, (30x12x12 in / 76x30x30 cm) ... er_20g.php

(20G 'long' will be the same as for 29G, you could just add an Angelfish, (Pterophyllum scalare) pair to the 29G)
NOTE: I do not concur with the old Geophagine species C-f 'cookie cutter' stocking recommendations, for these smaller tanks. :?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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