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Stocking 30Gal Long

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This is what I came up with...

3x pair lamprologus multifaciatus
4x julidochromis ornatus (1m/3f)
2x neolamprologus pulcher (2f)

I need to make sure this is an o.k. mix, stat. This is my first tang. tank, and want to make sure these species are compatible. If you look at my tanks, the 30 g is the one in reference. It was for c. afras previously, but decided tangs. would be a little more comfortable in this environment.

In addition to the picture of the 30g tank...I have added a dozen escargot shells and plan on adding 2 jungle vals on the left hand side of the tank.

Thanks in advance for the responses.
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That combination should work fine as long as you can be sure that the Pulchers are definitely both females. How big are they?
I haven't purchased them yet...thats why I am kind of rushed. I have a LFS owner going to the breeder today and I needed to make a list for this tank. Initially, I wanted to do the c. afras, but the more i researched, it seemed like a nightmare waiting to happen. They would have been too cramped. I have been working on this tank for a while, and I want to make sure everything works out. Plus, there is something about those shellies thats really interesting.

I was told escargot sheels would be this true? I tried to find Neothauma shells, but every place i found is sold out.
Escargot shells are fine for multies. Most people use them. Just make sure that the LFS is 100% sure that the Pulcher's are both female. If they're not and they breed, everything else in the tank is in trouble. :)
That mix should be great .... good luck.

Escargot shells are fine. But, I know at least one of the sponsors has the real thing right now.
I'm gonna rain on everyone's parade here, but I'm not sure how lucky everyone else is with keeping N. Pulcher. From my experience they become real terrors as they age. Out of those two females, almost certainly only one will survive unless you get a bigger group, but with a bigger group in a 30 it might also be a bad idea because once a pair forms, the rest of the fish will be at risk of being attacked or killed. Pulchers along with fishes in the brichardi complex are tough to keep alive unless you have at least a 48" long tank with a lot of rockwork because they are highly aggressive and competitive. the only set up that has worked for me was a group of 6 in a 60 gallon long tank with lots of rocks and crevices. as for pulchers, they were less aggressive while they are young but as they mature they killed each other off until only 1 was left.
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Longstocking said:
That mix should be great .... good luck.

Escargot shells are fine. But, I know at least one of the sponsors has the real thing right now.
If you're are referring to Neothauma shells, can you tell us who has them? The only place I knew that carried them was cichlidbreeding but they haven't had any in stock for months.
Sounds like a great tank! Just for safety, why not get just one pulcher? Venting isn't easy, and it's not easy to tell the difference between males and females otherwise. Pulchers will kill everything else if and when they choose.

Also, multies are not pairing fish. But getting 3 males, 3 females is a big start towards an established breeding colony. Can you get a couple more of the julies? The females may not like that male, and would be happier having a choice of mates. It's likely that the extras will be rejected when a pair forms.
Ok, I know this is going to sound ridiculous...but the C. Afra "cobue" came through. It will be 2m/10f...driving to pick them up tomorrow. Would it be totally insane to have a few multies later down the road? All other tangs are out the window, and I have been assured that with the combination of rockwork in the tank, and the open swimming area, the afras will have enough room. I just really hope I can still include some multies.

Thanks for all the input guys.

I wouldn't include multies, the Afra will stress them to no end and might even kill the multies if they try to defend their territory.
Ok, I was afraid of that. Looks like a 10 gallon is in my future budget for a fry tank. I have a 26 gal BF that will end up being a multi tank then. Thanks everyone.
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