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stock rennovation help needed!!

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I'm currently finding out that I made a mistake in stocking my 125... I don't have the money to get into african's and have fallen for a few fish in my tank... so i'm thinking i'll build everything around them...

tank specs:
2 eheim 2217s for filtration
biweekly water changes
pH 6.2
ammonia 0ppm
nitrite 0ppm
nitrate 20

(if i mixed up nitrite and nitrate...sorry...)

okay here's the ones I want to keep...(if they're compatible) :popcorn:
1 6" GT
1 blue acara 3"
3 (could go to two) severums 2 green one gold... all about 4-6"
3 female convicts, there's room in a 25 gallon tank... for them if they can't go in here... since the only other fish in that tank is a few panda cories and the "franken fish"

what else is in the tank other than the above...
i'm not too hooked on these guys, if i can keep any great, if not...oh well...

1 JD 4" male...BEAUTIFUL!
1 FM

I know GTs are mean, but he's peaceful as of right now and is large... I know not close to his 10-12" growth... any and all information is much needed and appreciated. I'm looking for suitable tankmates for what I want to keep and if I what I want to keep even works... thanks!

if you have any questions or need any more information just ask... I usually reply very quickly!
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What if you removed the JD and FM like you said but also remove one of the Severums too. Then get yourself a chocolate cichlid! Or get rid of all three severums and get three uaru....
The chocolate cichlid mafia has spoken. :p

see below...
ugly fishie! in my opinion, maybe the pictures i'm seeing don't do it justice...

so here's the new dilemma...

i got rid of a so so sad... he was BEAUTIFUL!! but the other two i'm assuming paired off... (is this a right assumption? behaviour: swimming together, locking lips and smacking each other while circling around each other..)

the fish that was sold to me as a blue acara is a female jack...i have a male jack... they've laid freaking eggs... why me!? so... now i'm donering what to do, but that explains the sudden aggression on the jack... so... i found homes for the JD...firemouth is already gone... wanting to keep the female jack she's so peaceful, but if they've already spawned... there are some eggs left, but the catfish got most of them... tried to get pictures, but they're under the driftwood and hard to see.

I do NOT want to overstock the tank or anything again...
here's what i've been thinking...

i love my gt...but am now wondering if he's a saum... very peaceful and long flowing fins... need to get pcitures posted of him and see what people think.

but here's what i want to do...

keep the gt or saum whatever the heck he is...
keep the two severums
keep the convicts until they get harassed enough or harass too much then move them (they're so cute)...
add 9 giant danios...
but... i need other color... so don't know what else to add or if i can add...

anyone who knows of a colorful cichlid or school of something that would share! i'm very open to opinions, sorry about the chocolate...just looked brown and drab...but maybe the pictures didn't do it justice.

open to criticism...almost certian that the "blue acara" is a JD... ****. wanted something blue in the tank...
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What the chocolate cichlid lacks in color he makes up for in's like having a pit bull that wants to do nothing but snuggle.
but i want color... severums and giraffe cat have plenty of personality...

it just hurts that i can only have like 3 cichlids in the tank...
With your green terror, are the dorsal and anal fin lined with gold or white, or just flat out green in color?

If they're green in color it's a true green terror, which is very rare.

As far as other tank mates, you could look into somthing from the festivum complex - or possibly a more robust geophagus/satanoperca. Though I'd recommend getting rid of the convicts.
You can also look into bosemani rainbow's, they've got color and personality...
Chocolates (H. temporalis) from the web:

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They're one of those fish that don't photograph well - look a lot better in person, and change color like it's going out of style, mine literally changes hue's as it swims around in the tank.
beautiful chocolates...

could i do the chocolate with the 2 severums and the GT...

it's not a true gt... gold/red tips.... beautiful hump on the head and fins... will try to post a picture tonight!
It's a gold saum, and yes. Chocolate cichlids are very mild tempered but can hold their own if confronted - if anything I'd say the chocolate cichlid will be the ruler of the tank as it grows up.
but could i do a chocolate, gold saum, and the two severums?

really wanted something blue, but maybe i'll get that from the danios since they have a little shimmer of it in them... and looks like the chocolate can go blue...

how much are the chocolates usually? and how easy are they to find? (in general)
I don't see it being a problem.

Finding an actual chocolate can be harder to do, they're rare out here. A 3" fish sells for about 12 bucks - adults are hard to come by.

Just dig around the local fish stores.
i know a supplier... i should be able to get one, hoping they grow quick... lots of caves are available... the saum is being a little terror protecting his log, but the severums are peaceful...everyone's coming out more since the main male dempsey is gone....

any other cichlids other than chocolates that could work?

I will still do danios, but maybe another school as well? don't want to overstock...

so here's my question... is this possible...
1 gold saum
2 severums
1-2 chocolates or other cichlid *probably just 1 chocolate since they get 12"
1 gibby (love him!)
1 bristlenose pleco (want one again...they don't get big...but don't know)
2 catfish (already have these guys)
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Can't do multiple chocolates, they'll flat out kill eachother, they hate eachothers guts, hehe.

Stocking levels look fine to me.
i know not multiple chocolates, but are there any other cichlid ideas?
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