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I have a 75 gal tank (4' Length x 18" Width x 20 or 21" Tall). I am running a Marineland Emperor 400 filter and a separate Marineland Magnum 350 Canister filter. I have the below stock list.

1 x Oscar about 5.5" or 6" in length
1 x Texas (Carpintis or something like that) about 5" in length
1 x Female JD about 4.5" in length
1 x Firemouth about 3" or 3.5" in length
1 x Blue Acara about 2.5" or 3" in length
2 x Female Convicts about 2" in length

I know and understand that it will not be feasible to keep all these wonderful fish in this tank.
My favorites so far are the Texas, JD and Blue Acara. My wife's favorite is the Oscar. I have already contemplated getting rid of the Firemouth as it is the bully of the tank and the fourth largest fish.

My question to everyone here on the forum and those that read this post is this:
What would you keep and which ones would you remove? What do you think will work long term? I thank you for your advice and experience.

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Hi E_Unit79,

H. carpintis is one of my favorite cichlids. Therefore based on my personal preferences I would keep you CA cichlids excluding the FM (i.e. H. Carpintis, female JD, 2 female cons), as you noted he is a trouble maker.

I would be slightly concerned keeping the Blue Acara and the JD as they look similar, however maybe since it is a female JD it could work out.

If you were to keep the Oscar; I would then only keep the Blue Acara, keeping it to SA cichlids. The Oscar will fill out the 75g pretty well.

With either set up you could get some dither fish.

Again these are just my opinions/what I would do, but I am not personally attached to any of the fish.

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