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Steatocranus casuarius comunity freindly?

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hey guys i was thinking of adding a couple of Steatocranus casuarius to my 125g community, *** seen it done before successfully but i thought i'd check with you guys 1st, maybe theres some downside i cant think of...

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Steatocranus casuarius is commonly known as a lion head, blockhead, buffalo etc
you know, the bottom dwellers that swim like gobies...

can anyone shed some light???
Without knowing exactly what species are in your community tank, no one will be able to really give you an answer. What is the current stock list? Assuming it is either a hap or peacock, or mix of both, tank - then it would probably be okay. My guy is in with my haps/peacocks.
They can be placed with cichlids. I have a small one-(1 inch)- with my 2" juvies and it holds its own grounds. Can be feisty at times as well. 8)
Well yeah they can be placed with some cichlids...they are cichlids themselves, hense the fiesty ;)
these are the fish i currently have my 6ft 125G stocked with:

1 protomelas spilonotus tanzania
1 protomelas spilonotus mozambique
1 sciaenochromis fryeri
1 aulonocara baenschi
1 aulonocara jacobfreibergi
1 pseudotropheus elongatus flavus
1 pseudotropheus demasoni
1 cynotilapia afra cobwe
1 labidiochromis hongi
1 metriaclima albino zebra
1 pseudotropheus acei blue
4 clown loaches
1 bristlenose
1 gold chinese algae eater
(btw, all of the malawis are male)
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Nope, I would never keep mine with mbuna, especially a tank full of males. Haps and peacocks are manageable, as they're more peaceful, but mbuna can be down right nasty. Too much for the casuarius to handle.
okay, are there any tanganyikans i can put them with???
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