Steatocranus bleheri

Steatocranus bleheri. Photo by Dave Hansen​

The article titled A Rheophilic Suprise, Steatocranus bleheri by Dave Hansen has been added to the library. West African cichlids are often underrepresented, especially when it comes to good information and first hand experience. Along with some general Steatocranus genus information, the article details the author's experiences with Steatocranus bleheri from juveniles to breeding adults. All this with a strange beginning into keeping this species.

If you've been thinking about keeping any Steatocranus species, this article is a must read. If you don't know much about West African cichlids, A Rheophilic Suprise, Steatocranus bleheri is a great introduction. You might just find yourself planning a new tank.