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Starting new 29G ?

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Finally i have decided to get started with cichlids.

picked up this 29G locally for 50 bucks with stand and some extra cleaning and scraping equipment (so the price was not as bad)

got 50lb of Pool Filter Sand cleaned it and filled the tank it has about 2in base

added some heaters to get it to the temperature and filter from established tank

now i have a question would this Fluval 404 be sufficent ?
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OK thanks Cich

i knew about cicling tank with old filters and some fish but what are you talking about amonia? is that just regular amonia for baking or something else? I will have to pick up a test kit do they sell it at pet stores?

for the size of the tank by looking at cookie cutter i want shelldwellers or Tanganyika Mini-Community

What about a light do i need alot or just regular shop light will do
thanks for info

i am going to put some fish from my established tank and some decore until i am ready for cichlids with 2 HOB filter with used filterpads it should give more than enough good bacteria.

you said use a stocking go get gravel into this tank should i just drop it or hang it on the side

by the way here is my first tank 3 years and running

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as you may noticed the tank came without canopy and lights so i am building a canopy myself.
will make a post later
bad news today.
in the morning i have noticed that about 1/8 of the water was gone so i did not pay much attension maybe evaporated, but it turns out to be FLUVAL filter was leaking.
so now i am back to start cycling.

got one Gurami in there and some driftwood, rocks and plants.
I finally got 2 filters one rated for 20-40 gallons with original filtration and one rated for 10-20 gallons and filled with prefiltered media stones. it has been running for past 10 days and i am noticing alge on glass and sand. I still have one gurami and 3 red tetras. looking to stock it this saturday
1 - 8 of 12 Posts
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