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The best thing I ever did was to let the filters filter and use a Koralia Nano for water movement. They provide a gentle but copious current. It won't suck in fish bigger than around an inch or so and I even had snails cleaning it off without damage.

I bought the Koralia on a whim along with a Maxi-jet to get some more water movement in my 40 gal overgrown planted tank, the Maxi-jet still sits in the box. Not that other powerheads aren't good but this thing did the job so well I didn't need the Maxi.

I have an Eheim 2215 pushing water straight from the elbow along the back of the glass on the left, a AC70 dumping on the right and the Koralia Nano on the left side glass near the top pointing downward and I actually get a somewhat oscillating motion on my plants.

I get a twirling motion from my co2 diffuser bubbles set at the back bottom middle on the tank. They travel to the right, the HOB pushes them down and they travel back across the bottom to the Eheim pickup on the left. Can also see this when feeding flake. The fish also like to swim in the Nano's current waiting for the food to get pushed through.

I'm sure this seems like an ad, I'm not selling these things but I like it so much I'm almost a so-called "fanboy" of the darn things. :)
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