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As advised, I'm going to split my Mbuna Juveniles from my Hap/Peacock Males in the 75g tank.

I will be taking advantage of Petco tank sale that just started.

I was thinking of doing 2 Mbuna tanks
40G breeder tank. Aragonite Sand. W Coral rock work.
370 GPH canister filter. 300w Adjustable heater. 36" LED strip light

Tank 1 stock:
1m3f Cherry Red Zebra
1m3f Electric Yellow Lab
1m3f Maingano

Tank 2 stock:
1m3f Socolofi
1m3f Saulosi
1m3f Yellow Tail Acai

Would this be too over stocked? Do they look different enough to prevent crossing and over aggression? My other thought was swapping the Cherry Reds with the Socolofi.

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Yes the fish are too aggressive and/or large for a 36" tank. Go for 2 75G tanks and stock 1m:4f for all but maingano (1m:7f for those). Do not mix the zebra and labs.
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