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Spirulina 20 anyone?

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So I was at my LFS today looking at what they had to offer for food, when the lady approached me and asked if I needed anything. Told her I keep Mbuna's and was looking for the best spirulina based flake they had to see what she would recommend. She led me over behind the counter and said they dont keep this on the shelf but can order it and gave me a free sample of this stuff by Zoo Med called Spirulina 20.

Anyone ever hear of or use this type of food? Looking for some thoughts on it by others if there are any.

Thanks Ben
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The only thing that makes me wonder about it is in the description is says a great "high protein" flake. Protein level is min 45%
I have used it before, but buying it from your LFS can get rather expensive. I think the store I got mine from charged between $10-$15 for the 4oz jar. Compared to buying a different brand spirulina flake online for about half that price for a full pound. Check out some of the site sponsors, you can get alot better price for a spirulina flake food.
Spirulina is high in protein. 50-75% depending on the source. The first seven ingredients in Spirulina 20 contribute protein to the formula.
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