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Spawn Experiment Results

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Thought I'd post my little experiment and see what everyone thinks. This is certainly not scientific in the strictest sense, or for that matter the most lenient, lol, and could quite easily mean absolutely nothing. ;) I've debated for a while on whether to even bother posting or not.
I think everyone has read or heard about one method of inducing your fish to spawn, which would be to add cool water to the tank to simulate rain.
Five or six weeks back, I had two labs spawn within days of each other, unfortunately I didn't take note of any tank readings at the time, as I was somewhat excited as this was the groups first spawn since adding them to the tank as 1"-1.5" juvies. Also unfortunately, being the occasional noob that I am, I put both holding moms in the same 10g, with lights off for the better part of each day (this is my excuse, not being able to see, lol...). Long story short, and there are a couple of different scenarios as to what might have happened, I ended up with no holding moms in the tank, and 2 surviving fry. I think one swallowed, then ate the others' fry when she spit, around day 18 or 19. They really should have been in separate tanks or divided, lesson learned.
Anyway, on to the experiment.
On March 26th, I saw a holding female lab. While noting the tank's water parameters, etc., I noted that my water level was low enough that the output from the AC70 as well as the upward angled XP2 spray bar was causing splashing noise. Normally, there is no noise. This got me thinking about how the fish might perceive it underwater. Like rain?
On the 28th, I performed a 40% water change, removed rock and vacuumed.
Yesterday, the 30th, I drained roughly 3 gallons of water, enough that the filters were making that splashing sound again.
Today, another holding lab.
I intentionally waited 2 days after the water change before draining any water, trying to remove the water change as a factor in any possible spawning.
Coincidence? I dunno. Thoughts? I haven't been able to find any articles linking splashing water in otherwise noiseless tanks with spawning.
Maybe it was just coincidence :wink:
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Interesting.... :-?

I will have to try this out also and maybe a few others could do the same and post results on what happens if anything? I don't have a HOB but do have spray bars on both my canisters (which should have the same effect) so will try moving them up and lowering the water level a few days after my next WC to see what happens.

That would be pretty cool if was something had an effect on the spawning!

Also if I already have several fish that are holding, think I should wait till they all spit?
If I were to conduct an experiment with my labs, it would be to see what could possibly make them NOT spawn! :lol: A little while ago, I read someone's post (may have been another forum) that mentioned the influence of a major storm fronts on their spawns. It could be coincidence, but I have had several species spawn within a couple days of the last 2 major storms. It's hard to say what additional influences there may be when I'm doing major water changes weekly anyhow, and can't really isolate other factors.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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