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I have two empty tanks in my house :eek: but they are in need of being filled.

I had Africans for a long time and after a couple of years my last male died the other day... leaving the 55 gallon empty. I also have a 75 gallon that has been sitting in my garage for going on a year that I suppose it would not be any harder to really set up than the 55 gallon. For the time being I was only going to get the 55 going... and then maybe just get bunches of livebearers to put in the 75 for fun.. but I could reverse these two without a problem.

I was thinking about a large school of cardinal tetras... and then some rams (not sure if I want to go with blue or bolivian yet.. they are both gorgeous!)... this will be my first planted tank. I wanted some larger type centerpiece fish.. Discus scare me and Angels will eat the cardinals.. anybody have any other suggestions? I do have 3 keyholes in my other 29 gallon that I would love to move to give a little more room (they are currently in the tank with 3 diamon tetras that have killed everything they have ever been with.. but the keyholes and rubberlip pleco)... I just worry about the keyholes with the rams since they both tend to like the bottom... although I have had my keyholes for about 8 mos and none of paired up so my guess is they are all the same sex (or maybe they are just too crowded)

Anybody have any suggestions?
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