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Angels! With a pair of blue rams!

I have two angel tanks. In one, a pair of large but stunted angels (rescued from a 10 gallon tank!) live peacefully with a school of rummynose tetras. My absolute favorite tetra. Just a thought . . . My other angel tanks has black phantom tetras, which definitely won't get eaten because of their shape. They are very attractive with the females having red on them.

As someone who started into planted tanks last year, let me give you some start-up advice to save you heart-ache later:

Start with Eco Complete or Flourite substrate. This makes all the difference in the world for giving your plants a good start. You can mix with regular gravel to stretch it, but it makes it easy to plant and gives enough nutrients to the roots that you can reduce the fertilizers you put in the water column (where they are accessible to algae).

In such large tanks, I'd definitely recommend using presurrized C02 from the start. Don't let the algae get a foothold. This is much easier than I thought, and not expensive. I did start with the store-bought yeast/sugar type, but that doesn't work well and is out of the question in your sized tanks. Use the tank with a regulator and diffusor. Good substrate, good C02 and good lights (see next point) will help you grow great plants and not great algae.

As for lighting, I'd recommend you shoot for 2 watts per gallon (WPG) to start. This will allow you to grow low to medium light plants without going for a high-light somewhat more difficult type set-up. There are many suitable plants for such a set-up, including: java fern, crypts, anubias, swords, onion plants (crinium) and maybe even some swords. Plant heavily from Day One and then add fish (after cycling).

Otos (added after the tank is established) and a bristlenose pleco will help deal with any brown or green algae that forms.

Hope this helps!
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