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Long fin german blue ram panting pretty heavily. He was trying to get out of the flow staying near the bottom so I turned it down and he went back up to the surface. So turned it back up and added small airstone. He's currently at the bottom.

His tank showed some ammonia at 0.1 48 hours ago. Liquid test kit. Test weekly but I tested again as he was at the top looking for air. Moved him to a different tank matching the water parameters and temperature first. This was 48 hours ago. Still drip acclimatised him maintaining temperature.

Parameters currently 0 ammonia and 0 nitrite, nitrate under 5 (nt labs so api would be under 20). I added two IAL. Added airstone but flow is high anyway. Gh 6, kh 4, ph 7.4 (stable).

New tank is 100 litre tank with 4 claro ancistrus, been cycled two months, then the claros were added first few days of July. U4 fluval filter. Had ram 5 weeks, filter he had before was running 9 months with loads of fish so no idea why it crashed, was a U2 filter with just him in quarantine as new.

Water changes are 50% water change a week with small 10/15% change to remove waste mid week. Today did smaller change but around 20%.

Nt labs tap water conditioner as the claros are wild caught.

Fed bug bite, and frozen foods like daphnia, brineshrimp, mosquito larve. Nothing heavy like bloodworm although the shop did feed him that.

Photo won't show heavy breathing and can't upload a video but will try when I post back water test result.

What can I do to help? Be absolutely devastated if I lose him.

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