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Some shots of my Catfish, Loaches, Eels, Algae eaters, Rays…

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Hello, Everybody!
I decide to variegate your Cichlid madness with something different…

Here is the first bunch of photos:

Blue Ghost Cat

Brachygobius xanthozona - Bumble Bee Goby


Callichthys Callichthys

Sailfin Pleco

And a little guess …
…Who is, do you think, those Guy…!?

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Amazing photographs, as always!

Is that last fish Chaca chaca?

Is the last one a snail of some kind? Very nice pictures!
Thank you for the kindly words, Pals!
Yes, those Guy is a Banjo cat, but what kind of variety…I still don’t know…!??
Looking at the pictures in the Net…so “qualifyâ€
:eek: pics are amazing what kind of camera are u using and what is ur setup ??? any more pics bring them on :thumb:

Truly amazing :thumb:
Hristo is very capable with the Canon 350D.

Fantastic shots Hristo, worthy of a magazine.
:eek: a 350d sweet do u know what type of lens he is using ?? thanks
Thanks for the compliments, Pals !
Yeah,my camera is CANON 350D + two of my favorite lenses:
EF 50 mm/f2.5 Compact-Macro and EF 50 mm. f/1.8 II
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:roll: Actually, according to Planet Catfish, the two names are synonyms!
Any other suggestions… :idea: :-?
Last night I found in my archive some of my first amateur Ray’s shots…
So, don’t be laugh high on my skill about them…and just enjoy:

Potamotrigon Reticulatus:

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Are they fresh or salt water?
It's seems big is really :-?
They're fresh water - Amazonian region.
This one female was around 40 cm. diameter.

Now, I'm hoping to hear your opinion about:
What is the color of the Ray’s eyes…are they different kinds, like the Humans…!?
This one Beauty seems to me “Blue eyesâ€
I don't see any Stingrays fans...
but here is something to notice!
I bough this special Stingrays Aqualog…

and see what a WARNING I was find there:
What do you, fellows, think about!!??
I hope, you know how Steve Irvwn died...!

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So, here I go again with a few quick snapshots from tonight of my Ancistrus… not much good,
but I hope to catch sometime my older Sucker Guy and take more expressive shots of his horned mug…

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And a few present shots of my Reedfish, which may be should seen soon in TFH Magazine… :roll:

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Obviously, here is not much fans of Ancistrus and Reedfish... :wink:

You know yet hose my tank with Discus/Rainbows…
Here is a photo series of one young Clown Loach living happy there too:

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