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Some of my fishies

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I finally stopped being lazy and decided to upload some pics of my :fish:

"T.Reef" Protomelas sp.Stevini Taiwan

"Ruby Red" Aulonocara sp.Rubescens

"Albino Ruby Red" Aulonocara sp.Albino Rubescens

"Yellow Blaze" Otopharynx lithobates

"Star Saphire" Placidochromis sp.Phenochilus Tanzania

"Iceberg Electric Blue" Sciaenochromis Fryeri

"Yellow Lab" Labidochromis Caeruleus

"Black Calvus" Altolamprologus Calvus

"Blue Gold Peacock" Aulonocara korneliae

Freindly Neighbors

I no longer have the "Blue Gold" I brought him back to the LFS I got him at because I had too much Blues I need some reds or oranges.
But looking at these pics I might just go back and get him :p
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Nice looking fish. :thumb:
nice pics, I really like your fish :thumb:
Great fish. Would like to see updates at a later date...
That Albino Rubescens is really beautiful. I am usualy quite turned off by albinos, but what a stunner!

I would love to know how the Pheno gets along with the peacocks when he matures. You have a set up similar to the one I plan on having in a few months, only my pheno is a big boy. :D

What's the tank size?

Okay - this seems like a good time to ask: What the heck does "sp" mean? Species? Spelling? Neither are consistent enough to make sense. Ahhhh! :-?
I have a 60gl and so far the peacocks and the Pheno don't bother each other. I have a yellow lab that is acting like the boss for now.The one I'm worried about is the T.Reef ,he's getting punked by everyone and he is the biggest fish in there :x
2 more fish I picked up

Dimidiochromis compressiceps (Albino) Malawi Eye Biter

Protomelas taeniolatus Super Red Empress
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Nice fish. Watch out for that Eye biter! Also my T-reef is very passive also. He gets schooled by my other fish too. My Red Empress is the terror in my tank though.
the look nice................................the best would have to be the albino eye biter!
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