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Underwater Fin Fish Marine biology Water
Water Fin Fish Underwater Marine biology

Above Stomatepia pindu from LakeBarumbi mbu.The white dots are cephalic pits used to detect prey in the substrate.
Below Stomatepia mariae, and with Konia eisentrauti, also only found in Lake Barumbi mbu in Cameroon
Water Fin Organism Fish Underwater
Water Organism Fish Underwater Marine biology

Plant Terrestrial plant Fish Terrestrial animal Grass

Water Plant Botany Terrestrial plant Fish

Above also from Barumbi mbu Sarotherodon linnellii.
Below from Lake Bremen, Coptodon bythobates
Water Koi Fin Underwater Organism
Water Vertebrate Nature Fin Underwater

And from the soda Lake Natron, more saline than the ocean.
Underwater Fin Fish Marine biology Tail
Fish Tail Marine biology Ray-finned fish Fin
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