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Some advices - mbuna

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I am new at this forum, but after reading awhile i found it to be an excelent forum.

My first question is about my mix of chiclids. I only want Malawi â€" Mbuna.

The tank is 220 liter.

My first thoughts was
1.3 Pseudotropheus Saulosi
1.3 Labidochromis Caeruleus
And maybe
1.3 Cynotilapia afra

But last day I was in a local fishstore here in Denmark and saw some beatyfull chiclids, but I didn’t got the name.

They were small and was black and blue, with vertical stribes. Does anybody know these?

I hope to hear some good advices if my mix is totally wrong.

Hope you understand my poor english.

Best regards
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There is a good chance they are Pseudotropheus demasoni. Check out their profile - if that isn't it, a photo of them would help.
Sounds like Demasoni for sure. Mixing Demasoni and Labidochromis Caeruleus is very popular and looks awesome.
wauw quick respons, and you are both right - it is Pseudotropheus demasoni.

Is there any problems in mixing theese 3? and is 12 fish in a 220 liters okay?

Can you recommend other species that are popular and not to aggressive, that can go with the above species?

The usual advice people get here is to keep demasoni either in a big group (12+) or just 1. Anything in between they tend to fight and kill each other, in a big group the aggression is usually distributed between them enough that fish aren't singled out and killed.

In your case I'd either do 12 demasoni and 1m/3-4f Labidochromis caeruleus as the only fish in the tank, or skip the demasoni and go for something else.
Thanks Chris.

Could you recommend other species you find interesting? Just to get some inspiration.

Another question, I have heard it can be a good idea to have 1-2 (I dont know the english term for them, but fish like: Ancistrus dolichopterus ) On danish: Sugemaller. But is there any concerns about having these between my fish?
A lot of people keep bristle nose plecos (american term for the regular sugemaller) with mbunas, I don't think that'd be a problem.

As for species I haven't kept that many species. I would recommend that you stick to the smaller and more peaceful species since the tank isn't all that big by mbuna standards.

I'm in the process of starting up a P. saulosi species tank myself, I like that they won't get that big and that you get two colours since the females are yellow-orange and the males are blue with black stripes.
Thanks Chris.

I am very impressed with this forum, and its not the last time I have questions :)

Good luck with your P. Saulosi tank.
I enjoy this forum a lot, there are so many helpful people and very little of the "holier than thou" mentatilty that the danish forums suffer from.

Good luck with your tank, let us see it when you've got it up and running :)
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