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After giving it a lot of thought, and realising that I was going to end up with one stunning male and seven very drab and (in my opinion) boring females, I ended up returning my greshakei to the LFS. In the end I suspect I had 3 male and 3 female fish, two displaying males owning half the tank each and one male hiding and hovering at the top of the tank.

Removing them has completely transformed the tank - it's gone from being a warzone into a peaceful, tranquil park! I had one yellow lab who had developed brown bearding on his face, and who spent his days hiding in a certain section of rockwork. He's now out and about, doens't hide at all, and has lost the brown colouring from his head. I've observed some of the labs attempting to breed - first time I've seen them do this (and I also got my first glimpse of the young synos getting in the way and making nuisances of themselves). There's a lot less chasing in the tank now, and when it does happen it appears to be almost half-hearted. I'd got used to seeing the greshakei chasing things down the length of the tank.

My male Acei is constantly displaying now, and his blue barring is getting more and more pronounced, and is moving down his body too - no longer just on his head. I'm hoping this continues as he gets older.

The tank is my 84g 55" x 16", and now contains yellow labs, white tailed acei, and callainos (20 mbuna in total), along with 5 syno multis. I miss the barring on the greshakei males, but am a lot happier with the atmosphere in the tank now. Just going to keep my eyes on the callainos, as I suspect they're going to try and fill the void left by the greshakei, but it's been a week since I removed them and so far so good. Pretty happy with the mix of colours in the tank now too.
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