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Ok so i picked up this 5 gallon tank that came with some pebble like rocks the rocks were still damp. Got the tank home filled it with water was going to cycle it, never happened let it sit full for about a month with a bubbler in it.
Picked up 30 guppy fry that I plan on breeding for feeders; dumped out the water rinced off the rocks filled it back up added a small world filter put in cycled media. been running it for about a week the guppies are thriving, However tonight I see this brown like moss covering about 75% of the substrate. Is it possible for a snail to remain in suspened animation for a month and then go KAWPOW here is my seed? it seems that the fry are picking at the mossy egg like substance.
The fry were pin head size when I got them, they are now around a mens collar button size.
Im not alarmed I got a pretty good idea of what I got going on . Just wondering what you all thought.

110g.. mixed A.C's pleco, loaches, pictus, G-danios
83g.. mixed acies, pictus
55g.. 2jd 1gt pleco (juveinal)
55g.. 1 albino Oscar 1 Jd 2 plecos (juvienal)
40g.. 3 convicts 1 male 2 female
40g tall.. barbs, golds, platies, tetras.pleco
35g,..cory cats, ghost shrimp
35g ..1 juvinal Tiger oscar and Gt
10g.. feeders
5g ..guppies :thumb: :popcorn:

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Additional evidence, I've had four of the major snail types in my tanks (pond, ramshorn, Malaysian Trumpet and nerites) and none had brown, substrate eggs.

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not snail eggs... more like a typical "new tank" growth of a fungus like organism. The good news is that the fish are eating it so it'll likely go away on it's own in due time.
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