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I was having an algae problem. Green algae. Lots of it on glass and rocks. Been doing scraping regularly, and keeping the nitrates as low as I can (typically between 5-15ppm). Asked LFS what to do, and they said to put 4-6 small snails in the tank and they should take care of the algae.

This made me a little nervous, so I asked a few (what I thought were obvious) questions:

1. Will my mbuna eat them? They said no.

2. Do I need to worry about snail infestation? They said no, asserting that these snails won't be able to reproduce except in sea water.

So I gave it a try.

Now, a few weeks later, I see clusters of tiny white dots on some of the rocks. I am concerned that these are, in fact, snail eggs.

So now I have questions for you.

1. Was the LFS correct in their recommendations?
2. Are these small white oval dots snail eggs?
3. Do I need to worry about a snail infestation?
4. What should I do now?

Thanks, and sorry if I offend anyone's sensibilities with what might be obvious poor decisions on my part!

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If they are nerite snails, then what they told you is true. With one caveat. The answers to your questions are:

Although my mbuna did not EAT the nerite snails (they do eat other kinds), they also did not leave them alone, and ultimately caused their deaths. Nerites do not eat fish food like other snails, only algae. They need to feed continuously to get enough to eat. My mbuna kept knocking them off the glass. I'd come home and find them on their backs on the substrate. They don't seem to be able to turn over easily. I'd flip them back every night. But eventually after a period of months they would just die.

They did better in my peacock tank. I've had a couple there live for 1.5 years so far.
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