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small tank info

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Ok, I finally bought my new house and have just about everything unpacked. I've got my pond fish in a 20 gal until I can install the new pond later this week. My wife has warmed up to having a fish tank around now and even tried (but was denied) having me keep the goldfish (feeders) in the house. I have a 55 also but only the tank & the equipment for that one is not in the budget for now. I want to get some shellies but what other options would there be for me? Victorian? Tangs? The malawians I like are to big for this tank till I get the 55 up. Are there any good sources in eastern PA other then that fish place in lancaster. My local mom & pop has closed up so I cant special order anymore. Any members here local that have extra brood stock? Goldfish are ok when Im sitting in the yard having a bbq but seriously. I need some real fish. FOr shellies Im interested in either Neolamprologus occellatus gold or Brevis.
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You could do the shellies, but you could probably also set up a pair of apistogrammas or rams. I personally prefer the bolivian rams to the german ones, they look less like drag queens, get a little larger and are less sensitive.
With a tank that small you could probably do a shellie colony and maybe some small julies(like transcriptus) on one end.

Why not post in the Tanganyika forum?
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