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small Socolofi with medium Saulosi...good idea?

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I have a standard 55 gal set up with 5 Saulosi (2m/3f). I have been looking for some more fish to add to the tank. I have been wanting to fill it with Saulosi, but the LFS got some small Socolofi in today. They are about 1in long. My Saulosi are between 2-3in, of course the dominate male being the largest. Would it be bad to add the smaller Socolofi? How many? I cant tell if they are male or female.
All the Socolofi pretty much looked the same, but some has some pretty good barring, while some had none. I looked on their profile page and saw that the juviniles did have some barring so I guess that it is normal. They get their fish from Blue Ridge Cichlids.
Any help asap would be great! I want to get them before they get gone...they dont usually get many mbuna.
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your fish are 2-3inches? you should be fine adding 1" guys to the tank
yea. the main reason i had doubt is becuase the saulosi are a tad agressive and i've read that the socolofi are a little 'milder'. i just didnt want them to get bullied. I have a fair bit of hiding places, mostly from the saulosi digging tunnels in the sand. should i try to rearrange or fill in their tunnels or is there anything else i could to do ease in the new fish?
I just feed mine as I scoop the fish out of the bags that have been floated. This usually does the trick for me, and I have several 4" fish in my tank. I added 1.5" saulosi a few weeks ago with no problems.
so i think i may just get them all, i believe there were 5-6 of them. if not tonight, tomorrow. they're 5 bux a piece
wow thats cheap, off a private breeder or a lfs?
LFS...suprising i know. I acutally have tried to get them to order some different mbuna for a good while now. I just happened to walk in today to get something for my dog, and they had just gotten some Socolofi in! The only ones they ever carry is Auratus and the occasional batch of Peacocks.
I haven't seen any auratus around here for a while. Use to be they were in every assorted african tank around. Same with with albino auratus and albino socolofi. Hope they make a come back around here(I need some more females if I decide to keep the ones I have). I got one tiny regular socolofi in an assorted tank & it's growing like a weed (hope it's male to start an all male tank). Conrats on your new ones. You got a good deal on them at 5 bucks a piece. :thumb:
There is no problem with the size diffrence, but down the road the Socolofi may become dominant, which could keep the top male Saulosi from showing full color or breeding. But then again they may do perfectly fine together. There can always be variable reasults. You could always remove an annoying male Socolofi down the line.

It just depends what you want.

Socolofi are hard to sex but a few males should be acting dominant. Make sure to get a few of the meeker looking ones and you may get some females, don't just get the brighter ones which may be males.
i cant find Socolofi anywhere :( id like a tank with them and yellow labs llol
well, i got em :D they look great. ill see if i cant post some pics tonight or tomorrow. thanks for the comments guys!
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