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Skittish Jack is going to hurt himself.

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I know that Jacks get naturally skittish and shy later in life, but it's been such a dramatic change, and so quickly, that I don't know what to think. 90% of the time, when I enter the room, no matter how slowly or quietly, he freaks out to the point of hurting himself. He runs into the glass, jumps out of the water, and I'm sure is running into things in his frantic attempt to hide behind the filter or in one of his caves. It looks like he's missing scales and at some point, I can't imagine he won't seriously hurt himself with this bullsh*t.

Not happy...

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how bright are the lights in the tank, also if you havent done so remove any potentially dangerous decorations that your jack and hurt himself with. And what are your water readings and tank size.
It's a 30 gallon. He should be ready for an upgrade in a few months, as he's still only a few months old.

I've got two 15w bulbs in, one is a 50/50 and the other is wrapped in tinfoil with holes in it. Water parameters are all well within spec.
Jacks until they reach adult hood are really skittish - I would just remove dangerous items and wait til he grows. I have two that just got to the point of not being skittish. This took 6 months
Weird. He was so personable until about a month ago. Seemed to coincide with the first time I fed him rosy reds. He gorged himself until almost bursting and has been hiding ever since.
I would get at least a 55gal tank and add some tough barbs or a female jack to make him feel more at ease.
I'm picking up a 45 gal breeder tonight.

No barbs though, I'm trying to stay true to the original habitat.
45 gallon "breeder" turned out to be a regular old 45 gallon.

Not only that, he lied about the "scratchless" part and the whole "holds water" part. Some rodent had chewed away all the silicon. Ridiculous.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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