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Skinney Fish

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I have a 2 inch female Auratus and she eats every night i feed my mbuna. she doesnt seem to have grown in a while and her stomach area seems to not be fille dout like all my others. She eats regulary though and cant seem to figure out why she is so skinney. Also this morning i see something protruding from her right side. Almost looks about the size of a piece of food and is very very noticeable like something is about to bust out. It is about a 1mm protrusion and have no clue whats wrong.....
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It sounds like she may have some sort of internal parasites.

I would isolate her and initiate treatment ASAP. Jungle Parasite Clear, Clout or metronidazole would be the meds you need. You could also use PraziPro, if you can't find any of the others.

Thats exactly what i thought too as i know some parasites actually make animals hungrier because they are consuming the food. I mean she has a huge appetite but doesnt get bloated or fat or anything. I hope it isnt to late. I will do that tonight. Thanks.
Ok i have her in the hospital tank now the million dollar question. How will i know if she is better. I mean with bloat whent hey start eating again is a good sign they are better but if she is already eating then how will i know. Im treating her with jungle parasite clear water treatment and food.
You'll just have to watch and see if she starts gaining weight. That will be the only way you will know whether you've eradicated the parasites or not.

I would also feed the other food some antiparasitic medicated food.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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