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Hello Site Admins/Owners,
Unfortunately, numerous problems throughout Cichlid-forum indicate that the site is beginning to fail. And, my pointing out things to you that require update or correction may be pointless, if these problems are too large to fix with technical solutions.
Cichlid-forum is one of the oldest and remains one of the world's largest on-line aquarium sites, with an impressive membership. Is there a plan to move the forum forward towards a sustainable direction in the future? A PM'd reply may be preferable, but a public repsonse to this post would be very informative to us all.
Standing by, and I'm looking forward to your response.

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We're looking into it, and currently the plan that has the most favor with the techs is a plan that would see the site migrated to a new software platform. However, we would only move forward with such a plan if we could make sure that no data would be lost.

All that to say we are aware of the ancient software's shortcomings and are looking into solutions

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