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Bamzam said:
Hi. I have 10 Aulonocara baenschi Nkhomo Reef and 10 Placidochromis sp. ''Phenochilus Tanzania'' Lupingu in a tank. I bought them all around 1-1.5" about 3 weeks ago (the baenschi were closer to 1.5", the haps closer 1"). I feed NLS 1mm pellets 3x/day and all are healthy/fat and it might just be my imagination, but I think they've grown quite a bit in these 3 weeks. 1 of the baenschi is up to ~2.5" and has colored up already.

However, one of the baenschi is starting to be noticeably smaller than the others and looks skinny. I noticed during feeding, it is more timid. So I space out the feeding and ensure it has opportunity..but when it gets a pellet, it just spits it out. The other haps his size (one or two might be smaller) have no issues eating the pellets, so i don't think theyre too big. Should I add some flake food to help the small one eat? Or just keep trying til it figures it out?
It would be better for you to keep your fish in a separate place for a few days. And even if the condition doesn't change, then you should change its food. You can try to give it try a flake food. Maybe it can work for your fish.
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