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Sammich Bite said:
Here's a very simple way to add lucky bamboo to any tank.

basically all you need is an AC110 filter with only 1 sponge, leaving the top of the media tray empty.

then you take a 2nd sponge and cut a block out of the middle so that it becomes a foam tub. dont cut too thin of bamboo shelf walls or else the tub will be too flimsy.

make sure you give it a good rinse for bamboo shelf.

then select a few plants and rinse off the roots and gravel.

place the foam into the AC110 upper media tray, drop in the plants and fill it up with gravel. i think slightly larger gravel should be used on the bamboo shelf to order to keep the plants upright. too fine of gravel may make for a flimsy support

Thank you for this informations... I noted that... But the images can't be seen... I think they are erased from image servers...
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