Simochromis diagramma

Simochromis diagramma. Photo by Ad Konings​

The largest in the Simochromis group, Simochromis diagramma inhabit shallow, rocky waters. This species prefers coves and is rarely seen in waters deeper than 15 feet. S. diagramma is a herbivore that feeds on algae and plant matter found in the shallows. Although territorial, this species can sometimes be found in groups. Males can reach up to 8 inches in length.

In the aquarium Simochromis diagramma can be a challenge. Their large size and aggressive personality means that tanks need to be large. Tankmates can also be a challenge, but Tropheus and Petrochromis are usually a good match in temperament and dietary requirements. Tank should have plenty of rocks and the diet should be high in plant matter. Aquarium plants may not do well in a S. diagramma aquarium. Availability of this species is limited, but not impossible to find. To discuss S. diagramma visit the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.