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Side drop filter

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Hi All

I am looking to buy a 4ftx2x1.5 (2yrs old $150 plus stand $130)with a built in side drop filter. I know the ones that are air driven by air stones. But this one looking from the front of tank looks like a normal side drop but from the side, it is divided into 3 vertical compartments. I believe he mentioned that I would need a power head or a submersible pump in one of the compartments to move the water thru each of the other columns. Dont if it is like an internal sump type filter. Anyways, it takes about 6inch of tank space in terms of length. So really the tank space is 3.5ft. Is this efficient enough?

Another side question, I could choose a 4x2x2 (5yrs old $200 incl homemade stand) instead and it comes with an old Fluval 404 plus I have my own Hydor Prime 30 from my current tank that i am replacing. Question is which will be a better choice in your opinion.

Current fish are Calvus and EYs. Potentially looking to have Calvus (4-8), pair/trio of occies and maybe leptosoma (about 10) and move the EYs somewhere else.

Thanks all

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