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siddhartha frm india regd oscar coloration/food structure

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I have bought 5pairs of 1inch albino red eye oscar frm the reputed breeder and i need yr guidance frm yr side pls help me in this matter the question are follows;

1. Can i have gravel which is already in my 5feet tank so that i can transfer all the 5pairs of 1inch albino red eye oscar to this tank by giving them more space there growth rate will double in couple of months times? what do u say for this idea given by me and i am currently having
them in L=3feet tank B=18inch/H=18inch

2.I have started feeding my oscar with Hikari cichlid pellets /live tubifix worm/blood worm and giving them prawn dried

3.Do u think this kind of food is good or do u want me to add on pls tell me ???

4. i have strong lighting of 11000 kelvin for my 5feet tank

5.My water PH is around 7.4 to 8.0 and the KH/GH i dnt know sorry about that??
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1.Both tanks are too small for them when fully grown, aim for a way bigger tank!

3. Your food selection is good.

4. Lighting is not important in an oscar tank, all it does is let you see the fish, so whatever lighting you want will do fine

5. Ph is good, as long as it doesn't change too much. Nh4, N02, N03, and pH are the most important params. If possible, try and get the kh/gh tested occasionally.

Those guys will need a bigger tank... remember.
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