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Hey all, looking for a little direction here. This guy started showing a white, stringy (not puffy) substance near his face a few weeks ago. It looked almost like a sunburn that's peeling. It hardened and cracked the scales a bit a few weeks later, and now patches of raw skin are appearing near his tail. Still eating, somewhat lethargic, have not seen what his poop looks like. I have medicated the tank with melafix for one round, and rid-ich for another. I'm guessing I need to go Furan or Metro or something, but I'm just guessing at this point.

125 all male Malawi tank. Ph/ammonia/nitrite/nitrate all in line. NLS pellet food. Lost one other fish to this illness a month ago. No other sick fish that I can see.

What do you think?
(I do have a 10 gallon tank I can move him to for future meds)

Thanks in advance!


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