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What size tank is this?
How long has it been established?
4 months, ran for 2 weeks with no fish.
What are your water parameter readings?
the ph is 8.2 don't know the others.
Have you added any new fish recently?
yes but not before i seen the white stringy poop didn't think anything of it.
Was the tank properly cycled before adding fish?
What are the tank inhabitants?
other fish in the tank? their listed at the bottom of my post
What are you feeding?
TetraCichlid - Cichlid Flakes
When did you notice the white feces?
About 2 weeks ago.
Are they still eating?
No, just swimming to it and looking at it.
Have you noticed any of them taking in food and spitting it back out?
Any reclusiveness? Hiding? Hovering at the top of the tank, or sitting on the bottom?
yes all of the above.
Do they appear bloated or emaciated in any way?
theirs to a albino zebra and a hongi (SRT) both about 2" long and their bellys are sunk in.

Had a heater problem a couple of days before this started. I woke up that morning and the tank was 88 so i unpluged the heater. that night the tank was down to 82 i put a new heater and set it so it wouldn't turn on unless the tank droped below 80. well i woke up the next morning and the tank was 68. the heater didn't work! could this be the reason for their illness? or atleast part of it?

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Yes it could be. 80 then up to 88 and then back down 68 degrees temperature is a pretty large change in less than a 48 hour period and that would be very stressful on the fish. I would say you are lucky they are even still alive.

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Yes, a drastic temperature change like that would be a real stressor on your tank.

Since they are having white stringy feces and not eating, and two of them appear emaciated, I would begin bloat treatment at once. There are two methods for two different meds posted below in the links. If neither of these meds are available to you, you could also try using Jungle Parasite Clear fizz tabs, this would require 3 treatments spaced 48 hours apart, with a 25% water change prior to the 2nd and 3rd treatment. I would treat the entire tank, and I would refrain from feeding throughout any of the treatment methods I chose to use. I prefer to not even offer food until 48 hours after the final treatment and a huge water change.


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