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Shells for Shellies

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Are the mini-conch style suitable, or are they risking getting the shellie stuck if they dive into it at top speed?

Got myself some Brevis, but they're taking over my rock pile and have no interest in the shells so far, but i am a little worried when i introduce the rock-dwellers. I know i can get the mini-conch dirt cheap (2-3") while the escargot ones are a bit more expensive

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I wouldn't use those myself. They narrow too much. You can get escargot pretty cheaply also here.
I don't use the spiral shells either. Maybe those are too big for the brevis? Whale eye are more like 1.5".
I have brevis myself, I use escargot and also I found shells at the dollar store that are shaped like escargot, but slightly smaller. If you stick with the lightweight shells you will see the fish move them around more, they can't pick up a conc shell
Thanks guys,
I broke a few of the shells to make sure they wouldnt get stuck, and it was pretty cool to watch how interested they were in them.
When I checked them this morning all but one was back in the rock pile, with the biggest having claimed the only escargot shell. Will get some more tonight, very cool fish.

Any tips on what they like to eat? I've got NLS cichlid and they seem to eat a tiny bit(could be new tank blues). Will bloodworms be ok for them?
NLS is better. If they haven't had them before, it takes them a few days to figure it out. I wouldn't give up on it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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