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hey guys

i have 2 males and 3 females of the Lamprologus kungweensis.
i have seperated the colony, in my 60 ltr tank i have 1 male and 2 females.

i also have a smaller than roughly 40ltr. that houses the other male and female.

both tanks have sand with corals to keep the hardness up.
i have plenty of shells..

what is the best set up to breed these great shellies.
here in australia they are very rare to get. so im very lucky to not have a pair but 5 of them.

i have plenty of experience with breeding malawis and other tangs but shellies are very different.

i am hooked on shell dwellers and sandshifters..

here are my 2 tanks and what they look like. any suggestions.

tank 1

tank 2

any help with these species will be greatly appreciated..
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