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I just bought a piece of Mopani wood for my aquarium which is currently being soaked. I have various pieces of wood in my aquarium, mostly round, smooth branches, and not Mopani wood.

The piece of Mopani wood is rather wide, similar to a large piece of tree bark, flat and rounded with knurls, ridges, and protuding branch stubs, some parts are sharp and pointed.

Do I need to dull these sharp and pointed parts to protect the fish?

I have several plecos, some small, and clown loaches.

The wood also contains a few splinter like gaps, that can easily be broken off, where fish could potentially be trapped. Is this a valid concern, or nothing to worry about?

I know many people use this type of wood. I did not find anything relevant to these issues using search function.

Any help appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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