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Sexxing Bolvian & Blue Rams

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Is there a way to sex either of these without venting?

I have noticed on my Blue Rams that some have a red/pinkish stomach while others do that a marker for determining sex?
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Hey, regarding sexing Bolivians, see here!


You want to look in the Articles section ;).

Blue Rams make life nice and easy for you:

Shorter/plumper/pinky-purple belly, shorter pelvic and dorsal fins, iridescence inside the black spot(not always an indicator but pretty common) = Female.

Higher bodied, slightly thinner, generally longer pelvic and dorsal with 2nd-4th rays (usually only two) elongated, lack of pink-purple belly and usually lack/less iridescence inside the black spot (on the flank of the fish) = Male.

Female. You can see that even she has an extended dorsal ray:
In detail-

Showing the iridescent spots inside her black spot:

Typical purple belly - breeding dress:

Two different physiques:

This male shows the higher, flatter body physique that I talk of:

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