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Sexual Maturity

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I don't have any fronts yet, but I'm just curious how large they need to be before they are mature enough to breed (other sites have conflicting info, ranging from 3.5"-4" up to 6"). Once they do breed, is it a good idea to strip the eggs? How long should I wait after the spawn before I do this?

BTW, has anyone personally had their male fronts hold eggs too? heard of it, but have only seen pics once.

If it makes any difference, I am planning to get a group of 5-6 juvies Moba or Mpimbwe to grow out.
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well, it is more of age than size.

I have breed burundi when they are just a little over 1 year old.

I have breed Mpimbwe when they are 6". Don't know the age as they are wild fish.

My offspring Kitumba zaire breeded at just a little over 2 years old.
seen females hold at 3 inches, 4+ inches more typical.
Age is more important than size.
General age is 18 months to start. 2-3 years to get it right, though some never do, wild included.
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