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Sexing OB Peacock by behavior

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Newbie, first post. Ordered a "guaranteed female" from a Cichlid store in Florida, but suspect it might be a male. Can any experts tell by the behavior? From what I can tell from coloring and behavior, I think this is actually a male preparing a nest/site to attract the female. Any help appreciated, thanks. Video link here. ... Q#Whittier
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Females dig just like males. Are his dorsal and anal fins pointy? I can't tell from the video.

Remember OB peacocks are half mbuna (hybrids), so the females can be colorful.
From what I can tell it looks like a female, I'd expect the males to be a bit more colored up at this point. If anything try venting the fish. Be gentle and get your hands wet before doing so. You'll want to turn the fish upside down and try to look for gender visual queues. Males will have the anatomy of "oo" and females will generally have an "Oo". Do some research on venting. females dig, just as much as males do so I also wouldnt attribute it to gender. Also try getting photos or seeing if the anal fin is pointy at the end or if its round. pointed would mean male and round the latter. Hope this helps, my bets on female.
Thanks to you both. Not sure I want to tackle venting yet but I have read about it. Sounds like it probably is a female. I'll try getting some stills of all the other peacocks and try to compare the fins. Much appreciated.
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