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Im faced with a dilema, phoned the fish shop today and was told its gona be hard to sex small fish.

I asked him to get me yellow labs, demasoni and red zebra.
Im not sure how im going to make sure i get the right amount of males and females for each of them
also the red zebra he told me may not be guaranteed colour wise, he doesnt see what he's getting so doesnt know what colour till he gets them.

He said he will phone back with more information.

Any advice on this situation would be gratefully appreciated.

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Since they are pretty much impossible to sex when very young, you buy extra small fish and grow them out together and any real troublemaker males find a new home until you hit a peaceful balance.

Here is a calculator for picking your odds.

Probability of success on a single trial: 0.5 (50% it is a Female)
Number of trials: 8 (try buying 8 juvies)
Number of successes (x): 4 (I want 4 girls)

Cumulative Probability: P(X > 4): 0.63671875 almost 2 chances in 3 that I get 4 or more girls.

I up the buying to 10 and my odds go to 0.828125, better than 4 out of 5 that I get the 4 girls.

Hope this helps.
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