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Sexing Different Species?

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Ok people, I have a few different groups of mbuna in my 55 gallon tank, and I am finding it rather hard to tell the differences in the females and males. I want to be able to tell the sexes of yellow labs/rusty cichlids/red zebras/blue cobalts. Any advice would be appreciated since I want all them to continue to live peacefully.
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Venting is the only option, really.
I have heard of venting, but what exactly is it, and can anyone give some links on how to do it, or how I should go about having someone do it?
that is the best article that I know about, just look at the size of anus and vent on every species, notice the difference in size of vents on female and will see what am I talking is not so hard as it seems...practice makes it perfect ...not too pleasant job but... :roll:
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