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Sexing Acei

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I know it's pretty much impossible at this size (just over 1") but I noticed in the profile that the male shows faint bars where the female is clean. Is this any indication of sex, or just happened to be that the particular fish in the pics had bars?
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I think that profile picture is misleading. Both males and females should look identical - and without barring (unless stressed).
Both males and females should look identical
I think you would be able to spot out the dominant male, but subdom males and females will probably look identical, as with most monomorphic species.
My males grew to be a lot bigger then the females from what I could tell.
Males tend to get a whitish leading edge to their dorsal fins as well as growing larger - but you won't see either of those until they get to be 4" or so...
Another longshot is that under stress(like getting out of water or chasing with a net) females tend to lighten their color and males tend to darken.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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