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sex my sevs?

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Couple of questions as my sevs have started behaving unusually. rotkeil is posturing and he and the larger red are starting to be territorial of some tankspace in front of a piece of large bogwood - It's only a couple of feet from where the uaru are digging!!!!
So questions are do you reckon I'm right in my opinion that the rotkeil is a male ( still small), the red is a female (Looks a little fat and ripe) and they are initiating courtship?
Although it's unlikely that fry will survive, is it more likely to get a mix of red and rotkeil or a brood of unwanted hybrids?


Nicely "scribbled" head?

"ripe" female?

Almost forgot- red is 6.5 -7" rotkeil is about 4 -4.5"
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Watching them spawn today, they are indeed male rotkeil and female red :thumb:
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