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Hi Experts,

I am new in keeping severums, of all these years i was keeping flowerhorns. Three weeks back i bought 2 severums, only 2 was left in the LFS so i was able to get only 2 severums. one was 3 inches in size and the other was 2 and a half inches in size.

1. In just 3 weeks of time my bigger severum grown an inch now its 4 inches but the other has not grown a bit. Bigger one maintaining its bright red colour and stripes whereas the smaller one is slightly faded except its face. My question is weather my smaller one is a stunted severum or not? Smaller severum eating less food comparing to the bigger severum. But its active and always fights with the bigger one.

2. I have ordered for another 6 more severums. My current 2 severums got more colour and stripes on their face. I was told and read in the forum that severum does not have colour and stripes in their face is supposed to be a female. Base on this i assume that my 2 severums are male. My question is out of 6 severums in which i am going to buy can i buy 4 severums without colour or stripes on its face and 2 with stripes. Guys advice me the proportionate in which i should have males and females in my collection of 8 severums which helps me to have 2 breeding pairs in future. Sorry for my bad english.

My tank size is 5 ft by 2 by 2 with gravels and live plants. Till now plants are not damaged.

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