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Severum not sucking

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My severum seems well but has recently - last two or three days - had difficulty sucking up to eat the softened pellets he's had for years.
Hope you can give me an idea what has happened to him
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Are you using floating pellets to feed him? If so, you may want to try the sinking type and see if that helps. (In the interim you can put the pellets in a bowl of tank water to soften them up, then gently squish out the air so they'll sink).
Otherwise, if you can post up the water chemistry of your aquarium with the Severum in it, that may inform some things to help ID what might be wrong with him.
  • PH of the water. Hard or soft water?
  • Measured Nitrates of the water in PPM.
  • How big is the tank in volume, plus provide dimensions please.
  • What is filtering the aquarium?
  • Who else is in this tank with the Severum?
  • How often do you conduct cleaning and water changes for this aquarium?
This is a very good point about using sinking pellets.
In nature, bird predation of fish is very common, so going to the surface for food for these fish, is a dangerous proposition, and even though they are in a tank now, instinct tells them to avoid areas of danger.
Sky Bird Branch Beak Twig
Water Plant Water resources Plant community Bird

Both these pics above were taken ia tributary of the Rio Magdalena in Colombia, S America
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