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Hey all,

Recently I noticed my Severum has a black tip on the end of one of his fins. Was told it looks like a ammonia burn healing, but I just wanted to see if anyone agrees/disagrees, and what I can do to potentially fix it or prevent it from getting worse.
Thanks in advance
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That DOES look like a black tip on a fish's fin!
And no.... I'm not sure what it actually means. However, that black fin tip could mean a LOT of things. So, let's get more evidence in this case, okay?
  • Please provide what the tested chemistry of the water your aquarium is. What are the PPM readings in Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate?
  • How long have you had this aquarium up and running? What size is this aquarium your Severum is in?
  • Tank Mates? Is this a community tank? If so, what is stocked in this tank with your Severum?
  • Filtration? What are you running on this aquarium?
Okay. That is a good start. Providing answers to those questions will (hopefully) help us sort out what is actually going on with your Severum.
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