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Setup! Setup! Setup!

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I want a planted aquarium. I like the cavey look with plants growing all over the caves and whatnot. My question is is how can I create a nice sized cave withought adding a crapload of gravel? Also, how many pairs could I reasonably go with? Is 3 too many? What is the chance of my fish breeding? Could someone lead me in the right direction for a stunning natural looking setup? I absolutely HATE driftwood. It is so ugly to me.
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one popular way to create caves without taking up too much space is to buy large pieces of pvc and take whatever kind of gravel you have and use aquarium safe silicon and cover the pvc with the gravel. you then set the covered pvc in your substrate and youve got discrete caves. if you go to home depot you can get all different shapes and sizes of pvc which i have found works well to make caves for your guys.

side note... this gets kind of messy to make so have paper towells and newspaper ready. also, give the silicon a few days to cure and rinse thw whole thing before you put it in your tank.

best of luck.
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